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20ft storage containers from Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd. Do you have a requirement for a 20ft new storage container or a 20ft used storage container in the UK? Look no further you have contacted the right company. Containers 4 Sale UK sell new and good quality used 20 foot storage containers delivered and off loaded to your premises throughout the UK. Are you looking for 20ft NEW or USED 20ft storage containers?

20ft Storage Containers UK

20ft Storage Containers

  • 20ft Standard height 8” 6’ or 20ft  high cube 9” 6’ inches in heights
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight eg fully weather proof
  • Suitable for all type of storage
  • Highly secure and suitable for all applications
  • Heavy duty marine ply wooden flooring
  • Ventilated to aid in the reduction of condensation

 New 20ft storage containers

  •  New 20ft storage containers are one trip or one way shipped from the Far East, this means they have carried one cargo only to transport them into the UK.
  • They are as standard in blue or green and have slim line lock boxes fitted as standard, they are suitable for shipment or storage.
  • Multiple vents to aid in the reduction of condensation
  • Built to the highest quality and latest container specification

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Used 20ft storage containers

  • 20ft Used storage containers normally come in the original shipping line colours or livery.
  • They are sold next off the stack and come in a variety of colours.
  • They will have some dents and rust patches and are normally aged between 9 and 14 years.
  • Container life expectancy is approx. 25 years.

Why buy from Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd?

  • all our 20ft storage containers are guarantee wind and watertight for 6 months from date of delivery, assuming you use/utilize in an appropriate manner.
  • Professional company offering speedy and efficient procedure to all your container purchases.