June 3, 2016

8 benefits of shipping containers

Shipping containers are a highly useful product and can be used for many things, this seems to only be becoming more so with the emergence of popular trends such as container homes, shopping outlets and bars. Yes, you read that correctly, there are such things as shipping container homes and shopping outlets. From Starbucks to Shoreditch’s BoxPark shipping containers truly are becoming a very versatile, creative and useful product. Most people would use shipping containers for storage purposes such as to store their furniture or household goods, for example, but as mentioned above there are vast number of uses or shipping containers and some really great benefits. Here are 8 benefits of shipping containers:


1) Durable and strong

Shipping containers are made from corten steel and are made to be strong. They are built to withstand strong weather conditions and to keep their cargo safe and Intact so shipping containers are durable and strong. Imagine the amount of shipping containers travelling overseas to their destination In all types of weather – they are strong.

2) Easily transportable

Shipping containers be easily transported from one location to another. This Is achieved via a haulage vehicle and means that you can transport your container from one side of the world to the other – which can be pretty useful.

3) Affordability

Containers can start from anything from £900 (Price does and will vary) which Is great considering the size and usefulness of containers. You can also hire containers which Is even more cost effective so overall shipping containers are pretty affordable.

4) Various accessories

Another benefit Is that there are so many accessories that you can have with your container such as container padlocks and container lock boxes (which add additional security), container lighting, container ramps, moisture traps and more.

5) Container Homes & Conversions

One awesome benefit of shipping containers Is that you can convert them to container homes and other unique container conversions such as office, changing rooms, bars, shops and more. You can customise your container to you bespoke requirements and get the end result you want.

6) Watertight and Theft Reduction

Shipping containers are built wind and watertight to withstand water and wind, as well as bad weather. This means that you goods Inside the container will be safe from weather and external conditions (within reason). Containers are easily built with theft reduction In mind.

7) Can be shipped globally*

Providing they have a valid plate for shipping, shipping containers can be shipped around the world to the container port of your choice. This means then that your products can be shipped from one continent to another.

8) Additional space

 As shipping containers come In various sizes, Including 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers they are great for tight spaces or for allowing additional storage. This means that you have extra storage space to store your goods and Items.

As you can see then there a various benefits for shipping containers ranging from durability, space, price, watertight and more. For more Information about shipping containers please visit our shipping containers page.

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