August 13, 2018

Are shipping containers the solution to homelessness?

It sounds quite bizarre really doesn’t it the thought that shipping containers could help with something as altruistic as helping those in need and fighting homeless? How could a metal box help with something like that? Well you may be surprised to see just how shipping containers are helping with such a great cause.

Take a look at a charity called Help Bristol’s Homeless which provides emergency shelter and housing to local homeless people in Bristol by using converted shipping containers as accommodation for those in need. Shipping containers are used as comfortable living spaces for homeless people and the charity is a great success.

Another great example of shipping containers being used to help tackle homelessness is a project in Los Angeles that uses converted shipping containers as apartments  to house homeless people. A lot of places around have problems with homelessness and it looks apparent that shipping containers could help greatly by providing affordable, comfortable and effective living spaces to help those who need it the most.

This article has useful information about how shipping containers can help tackle homelessness also.

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