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Do you own a Shipping Container and want to sell it?

Here at Containers 4 sale UK Ltd we offer a container buy back option on all containers that we sell. We also offer to buy containers that you have purchased from other container companies. We only buy back shipping containers (ie) not converted containers or prefabricated containers, they must be original shipping container specification.

Container Buy Back Details

Unlike many other companies in the container industry, we DO NOT guarantee a fixed buy back amount as we believe this is NOT a fair and correct process.

We base this on the following:

  • Fluctuation in container prices
  • Age of the container when offered back
  • Treatment/usage of container – for example have you kept cargo on the roof? has it been a victim of graffiti?
  •  variance in currency rates and global supply and demand
  • Location – how far from our nearest depot location?

We DO guarantee to BUY BACK AT CURRENT MARKET RATES, no-one can offer anything better, this is the fairest and most honest approach to buy backs.

We at Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd are in this business for the long haul and would like to offer our customers the best possible deal. Contact us today to discuss all aspects of Container buy back with one of our friendly sales team.

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