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Upon placing your refrigerated container hire order with Containers 4 Sale UK, we will arrange a suitable delivery date. After taking delivery (refer to our delivery guidelines for full delivery information), one of our engineers will attend your premises to commission the container.

Commissioning at your premises details

The customer is responsible to ensure correct 3 phase power with independent 5 pin socket is supplied before we attend. Upon taking delivery of your container and ensuring it is positioned on level ground we will arrange for a commissioning engineer to attend your premises, this may be the same day as delivery or in some instances the following day. Customers are advised to ensure all operatives are available when the engineer arrives for full understanding of the way the machinery operates and how to load etc.

The engineer will plug in the container, set to your required temperature and give operational guidance and advice as to looking after your container. Once you have signed our commissioning notes you are eligible for our call out service on the machinery section providing you operate it a in accordance with our commissioning.

On site commissioning consists of:

  • Final check you have adequate and safe power to operate the container (this can only be checked from the socket – i.e. not back to your electrical board – that aspect is the customer’s responsibility).
  • Plugging in of the container cable into your socket.
  • Setting in your required temperature.
  • Instructions how to load (i.e.) ensure airflow is available.
  • Full walk through user guidelines and usage.
  • Instructions on keeping the container ice free.

Our engineer will leave site upon customer satisfaction and signed paperwork being completed. Thereafter customers hiring our containers are covered by our 24 hour emergency breakdown service providing the container is operated correctly and to our guidelines.

These containers are designed as holding units only and are not blast freezers, therefore your cargo must be put into the container at the same temperature you want it to remain at. Never under any circumstances attempt to blast or rapid freeze your cargo in our containers as you may be liable for damages.

After Commissioning

  • Before you load your container ensure it has achieved your required temperature and you are confident to load.
  • Our containers are designed as holding units only, they are not blast freezers and you should never attempt to operate these in this way.
  • They are designed to store products/cargo at approx. the same temperature the cargo is loaded at (i.e.) set the temperature on the container at -20 then you must load at -18 to -20.
  • You are responsible for checking the container at least 3 times per day or more frequently if your internal policies require.
  • A minimum allowance of 5ft is space in essential at the external machinery end to ensure correct air flow and access for our engineer.
  • You must keep the container clean internally and externally.
  • Internal lighting is classed a consumable, therefore if the lights are working upon commissioning thereafter replacement tubes are customer liability.

The customer is responsible for insuring the container at full replacement value and its contents against any loss of contents or third party claims relating to the use of these containers as Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd accept no responsibility for any loss or consequential loss whatsoever or howsoever, caused by failure of monitoring the container or genuine machinery faults.

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