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We offer various container types for sale and hire in the UK. We supply containers for building container homes, container bars and container shops. We also supply these types of containers: Shipping Containers Storage Containers Refrigerated Containers Converted Containers New Containers Used Containers High Cube Containers Open Top Containers Tunnel Containers Side-Access Containers Container Homes Office Containers delivered and off loaded to your premises throughout the UK.

Shipping container homes are quick to build and offer a low cost form of housing… Shipping containers are normally used to transport goods around the world or used as extra storage space.

It’s amazing what some people have built with a little use of their imagination. More and more container homes and dwellings are popping up all over the place as an affordable solution to housing.

Whether it be a Container Country Home or a little weekend retreat you are looking to build we hope you find some inspiration on this page.

Here are 20 of the coolest container homes and container offices we have seen.

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Normal Shipping Container

Your Grandma could live here!

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It’s very cosy inside…

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Comes with a high rise garden!

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Drinking Starbucks in a Container…

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 How About Living in The Desert?

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Would You Like a Cabin in the Woods?

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price match promise

We offer a price match guarantee on all containers based on like for like quality. We guarantee all containers supplied by ourselves are wind & watertight condition.

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