November 13, 2015

Containers 4 Sale UK’s shipping container used for George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces


From container offices, homes and architecture we have seen It all – there really Is so much to do with a shipping container that It will leave you bewildered. In the latest episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces this Is exactly what happened, a container was used to create something truly special – a floating shipping container home!

The 40ft shipping container was supplied by us and we are very pleased to see It on the show and being used for such a brilliant container home! The home was designed and created by expert Max McMurdo and was featured on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, It Is going to be Max’s new home after selling his property and using the money from the sale to build his new shipping container home. The home Is a floating home that will be moored with the shipping container being placed on top. The container was converted and had one side cut down to Include windows and the Interior of the container was designed with some outstandingly creative features from having a secret dining table that rises when a button Is pushed to a wardrobe area that Is concealed under the bed and much more. Max McMurdo really pushes the boat out the end result Is a masterpiece. It really Is one of the most unique ways to not only use a shipping container but to create a creative and genius home out of a relatively small amount of space – well done Max!

You can find the program to watch on Channel 4 here:

Take a look at the photos here:

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