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Containers 4 Sale UK supply anti condensation moisture traps designed for assisting in the reduction of condensation inside shipping and storage containers. They help to remove excess humidity. The slim line “High Airflow Design” makes it the fastest moisture absorber on the market! Highly efficient moisture trap for containers and extremely simple to use. Low cost inexpensive option.

  • Helps to prevent and reduce damp and condensation
  • Quick and easy/simple to use
  • Cost effective option
  • Ideal for older containers which may only have 2 vents
  • Assists in the prevention of mold etc by maintaining a dry environment

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£50 + Vat (as pairs)

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Moisture Trap Damp Trap Absorber Pole

Absorpole’s – Moisture Trap Products

Absorpole’s are a great and effective method to prevent condensation forming and potentially damaging goods Inside of your container. The Absorpole Is a hang-able moisture trap that Is placed Inside a shipping container and prevents condensation from building Inside shipping containers.

  • Absorpole’s collect and hold water so prevent condensation from building up Inside your container
  • The Absorpole is fully functional for approximately 5-6 months in normal conditions and is a disposable item that will also not spill or overflow.

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