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Containers 4 Sale UK –Special Non-Profit Scheme

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Press Topic: Non-profit schemes from Containers 4 Sale UK

Date: 03.04.2019

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Name: Eva Arden Phone: 01708 558 999


Containers 4 Sale UK provide unparalleled services to non-profit organisations across the country


Here at Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd we are the only container company in the UK that offer and supply storage containers for hire to non-profit making organizations at a very special rate.

The community conscious team here know everyone deserves a bit of help when they need therefore we have set up our non-profit scheme which is solely aimed charitable institutes, community schemes and of course non-profit making organizations.

It is with pleasure Containers 4 Sale UK offer help and assistance by way of supplying low cost and affordable shipping/storage/refrigerated containers. We believe we are putting something back into the community by offering this support to all aspects of non-profit making organizations.

We help plenty of foodbanks, animal rescue services, schools, hospitals, charities and many more here in Essex & nationwide. If you fall into the non-profit category, you are eligible for our £1 per day hire of a new or nearly new 20ft container.

Please continue to read just one of many inspiring stories of how our Containers helped a non-profit organization. The rehabilitate two Bears, Milcho & Gosho.

Containers 4 Sale UK sponsor Bulgarian bears in need of help – The Wildwood Trust, Herne Bay

We were contacted by the Wildwood Trust, who were desperately trying to rescue a pair of Bulgarian Bears. They needed shipping containers to do this, but they could not find a container company in the UK who could help with their small budget. Of course, we could help.

The bears were kept in small, barren concrete pit in an abandoned bear breeding centre called Kormisosh, in Bulgaria. Kormisosh was used to breed bears to be shot by hunters until 1993 when bears received a protected status and bear hunting was outlawed. As a result, Kormisosh was abandoned, leaving the bears to a life of misery and neglect.

The bears received only basic care and a sub-standard diet of dried porridge. They had never been outside of their concrete pens, never seen a tree or even walked on grass.

The bears were sedated and started their 3 day trip to the Wildwood Trust, Herne Bay to enjoy a new life of luxury.

Here at Containers 4 Sale UK we volunteered to help build the enclosure for the bears, kitting it out with their own swimming pool, trees to climb and bushes to encourage them to learn how to forage for their own food and supplied the containers which the bears are spending their first few weeks in. Our containers were converted into bedrooms for the bears.

Within the first day, the bears made themselves cosy in our containers. The bigger bear ventured out of the container, had a bite to eat and went back in for a sleep. They have straw in their containers which they are completely obsessed with as they’ve never seen straw before!

These bears underwent veterinary examinations, checking to make sure they are fit and healthy. They also had intensive dental treatment. Their mental health was the biggest concern for the Wildwood Trust.

The bears were in quarantine for 4 months whilst they settled and received rehabilitation. As soon as their time in quarantine was over, they were able to roam the full 1.5 acre enclosure.

The bears are now fully rehabilitated, living a fabulous life at the Wildwood Trust, and yes, their container bedrooms are still where they sleep:

Our press release was also featured on the Essex Chamber of Commerce’s site Grapevine Magazine:

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MCA Trust Ladies Night and Donation

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Press Topic: The MCA Trust Ladies Night 29th June 2018

Date: 06.07.2018

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Name: Eva Arden Phone: 01708 558 999


The MCA Ladies night on Friday 29th June 2018 was a great success

On Friday the Michael Charles Adams MBE Memorial Trust (MCA Trust), that aids and assists local children with brain related cancers, held a ladies night and the team at Containers 4 Sale UK were there to show their support and offer donations throughout the night. The Ladies night began at 6.30pm and included a meal for the guests, a live singer and even cheeky topless waiters for the ladies!

Containers 4 Sale UK also donated £300 to the MCA Trust to help support the charity to which we kindly received a thank you letter from the trust. to learn more about the MCa trust and to show your support please visit their website here – The MCA Trust.

MCAThankyouLetter mcatrustletter

Here are some photos of the MCA Trust Ladies night below:

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Containers 4 Sale UK are exhibiting at the ‘Discovery Business in Essex’ exhibition

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Press Topic: The ‘Discovery Business in Essex’ exhibition

Date: 08.02.2018

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Name: Eva Arden Phone: 01708 558 999


We will be exhibiting at the ‘Discover Business in Essex’ exhibition at Chelmsford City Racecourse this summer

Containers 4 Sale UK are excited to be exhibiting at the event this summer which will showcase business in the county of Essex. Discovering Business in Essex is one of the largest B2B exhibitions in the county and this event is on Wednesday 6th June 2018.

We have exhibited at previous exhibitions throughout Essex such as the IFE Exhibition in 2015, Discovering Business in Essex Exhibition 2016, the Business Expo at Dagenham and Redbridge Football Club and more.

So feel free to come along and visit us at Chelmsford City Racecourse, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 1QP between 10pm and 3pm. You can see more about the exhibition here.

Some photos of Containers 4 Sale exhibiting at previous exhibitions

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Shipping container already almost at an all-time high and are set to rise throughout  2017

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Press Topic: Shipping container prices rising dramatically

Date: 23.03.2017

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Name: Eva Arden Phone: 01708 558 999


Shipping container prices are reaching an all time high as various industry factors are causing a spike in international prices.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the price of new & used container is set to dramatically increase . This is due to many factors such as the increase in steel rates, new paint regulations, which has caused our factories to shut down to adhere to latest specification etc.

There  is also a global shortage of containers due to high demand plus the dollar had against the pound. Therefore we can only advise our customers that price increases are unavoidable and beyond our control. Our quoted prices are valid for 7 days or whilst current stock last.

You can see more about the new painting regulations from an article from the Container Owners Association here: 


Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd’s Press Releases and Media Area

Press Release – Steven Underwood Traineeship Success

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Press Topic: Steven Underwood Traineeship and Containers 4 Sale UK

Date: 31.03.2016

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Name: Jake Powell Phone: 01708 558 999


Steven Underwood is a great example of the success of the Traineeship scheme and a valuable member of the Containers 4 Sale UK teamPrint

Congratulations to Steven for completing his Traineeship program and becoming a member of the Containers 4 Sale UK team. Steven has learnt a lot since joining Containers 4 Sale UK from sales and phone based work, operations roles, working as a team, general industry knowledge and more.

Steven initially joined Containers 4 Sale UK back in March for a 6 week work experience placement from Barking and Dagenham College. He joined as part of the governments ‘Traineeship’ scheme as a course to train young people with experience in a workplace environment. Steven’s start date was Thursday 31st March 2016 and has since become a permanent member of staff.


Steven works in a sales and operations position at Containers 4 Sale UK and is a credit to the team.

Being with Containers 4 Sale UK for more than seven months Steven has learnt a great deal about the shipping containers industry such us all of the various types and sizes of containers and the locations of the businesses depots. Steven also said that he was surprised that you could do so much with containers!

Steven’s daily work roles consist of answering the phone and taking enquires, sending quotations to customers, organising container deliveries, arranging container orders with customers and much more. He is a credit to Containers 4 Sale UK and to the success of the Traineeship scheme.

Containers 4 Sale UK supply all sizes and types of shipping containers for sale and hire nationwide. They also use the apprentice scheme and have had successe with the scheme, to see Containers 4 Sale UK apprentice scheme case studies please click here. For more information about their container services, please feel free to contact them on: 01708 558 999 or email Jake Powell at

logo (1)

Steven Underwood

Barking and Dagenham College can be contacted at:

Rush Green Campus

Dagenham Road





0208 090 3020

Or visit their website:


Barking and Dagenham Business Awards 2016 Winners!


Containers 4 Sale UK win the ‘Business Located Outside B&D Which Trades In B&D’ Award at Thursday’s Business Awards

On Thursday 14th July 2016 the winners of the Barking and Dagenham Business Awards were announced at the Dagenham and Redbridge Football Club. Containers 4 Sale UK were nominated for ‘Business Located Outside Barking And Dagenham Which Trades In Barking And Dagenham’, and after much anticipation, they are incredibly proud to announce that they won! Congratulations are certainly in order for everyone at Containers 4 Sale UK‘s hard work and dedication, and thanks are in order for the judges, the kind, supportive people at the ceremony, and everyone that has helped us get this far. After winning the Staff Training and Development Award last year, we are so thrilled that we could be recognized for our achievements a second time.

The other winners of each category at the business awards this year were:

 Award                         Winner                                       Sponsor

Business Outside B&D Which Trades In B&DContainers 4 Sale UK Ltd
Sole Trader/Micro BusinessMo Obadina
Best New BusinessATK Electrical
Business GrowthThe Electrical & Plumbing Co Ltd
Training, Developing, And Supporting EducationFix Auto Dagenham
Innovation And Use Of Digital MediaLondon School of Management
Business & Social ResponsibilityDiaspora
Community InvolvementCompany
Young Entrepeneur/Business PersonSeun Oshinaike
Business Person Of The YearDaniel Westhorp
Business Of The YearWelding Engineering Services
Lifetime AchievementSteve Thompson

Havering Business Awards 2015 Winners!

Havering business awards 2015

Containers 4 Sale UK win the Staff Training and Development Award at Friday’s Business Awards

On Friday 16th October 2015 the winners of the Havering Business Awards were announced at the CEME Conference Centre. Containers 4 Sale UK were finalist for Staff Training and Development. Containers 4 Sale UK were eager to see what the outcome would be. After much anticipation and excitement we are delighted to announce that Containers 4 Sale UK won the Havering Business Award 2015 for Staff Training Development! A big well done to everybody at Containers 4 Sale UK for all of their hard work and commitment. Thank you also to the Judges who voted for us and to everybody at the awards ceremony for showing their support.

The other winners of each category at the business awards this year were:

 Award                         Winner                                       Sponsor

Staff Training and DevelopmentContainers 4 Sale UK LtdHavering College of Further and Higher Education
Growing Business of the YearHalls of Ivy Beauty AcademyHaines Watts
Havering Business of the YearLakehouseHarrison Wipes
Golden Anniversary for AchievementCoborn Engineering Co LtdEnterprise for London
New Business of the YearPandora ImagesTime 107.5 FM
Apprentice of the YearHavering College of Further and Higher EducationNeopost
Customer CareCEME Conference CentreMetro Security (GB) Ltd
Small Business of the YearEvans Insurance BrokersRomford Recorder
Environmental AwardSafield DistributionsWillmott Dixon Energy Services
Business Person of the YearSarah Walters, RCAPNC Construction
Family Business of the YearHarrison WipesChigwell Construction
Innovation AwardMetro Security (GB) LtdCoborn Engineering Co Ltd
Havering business award winners 2015
Containers 4 Sale UK’s Staff Training & Development Award from the Havering Business Awards 2015.


Press Release – Town and Country Dairies

For Immediate release

Press Topic: Town and Country Dairies

Date: 26.04.2015

Contact Details

Name: Femi Raji  Phone: 01708 558 999


Town and Country Dairies Is a leading dairy wholesale supplier in Essex

Town and Country Dairies is a family run business, founded in 1991 by brothers Jimmy, Danny and Steve, all of whom are former milkmen. From humble beginnings they have now built the company into one of the leading wholesale dairy companies in Essex.

Offering a wide range of fresh dairy products, from various milks and cheeses to fruit juices and yoghurts, Town and Country guarantee only the finest quality goods.

They supply to caterers, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals and various other clients throughout London and Essex. With a flexible late ordering service they offer next day delivery to customers within a 30 mile radius of their base in Barking.

 Assisted by a team with over 60 years of experience between them, Town and Country’s competitive prices and excellent delivery system offer great products and service every time.


Containers 4 Sale UK refrigerated container chills Town and Country Dairies fresh produce

Being an advocate for providing local businesses with quality and affordable containers for sale and hire, Containers 4 Sale UK provided the wholesale dairy company with a quality 20ft refrigerated container.

The refrigerated container is no normal temperature controlled unit, this particular unit is an eco-friendly unit used for chiller applications and has been storing Town and Country Dairies produce for years. The majority of customers in the London borough of Barking and Dagenham use their fresh produce and Town and Country Dairies is a valued and respected customer of ours; they have also been one of our valued customers for many years.

Containers 4 Sale UK is a leading temperature controlled container provider in the United Kingdom and have a dedicated container hire fleet through the country. They offer a variety of refrigerated containers for sale or hire nationwide and supply different sizes including the smaller 10ft units and the larger 40ft units.

Containers 4 Sale UK provide affordable and quality storage solutions to a selection of UK charities and non-profit organisations also including the British Heart Foundation, The Wildwood Trust and Dagenham Food Bank. For more information about their container services, please feel free to contact them on: 01708 558 999 or email Femi Raji at  You can also visit Containers 4 Sale UK’s refrigerated container page on their website.

 refrigerated container hire machinery

Town and Country Dairies can be contacted at:

Units 18-19

Riverside Industrial Estate

27 Thames Road



IG11 0ND


020 8594 4000


Or visit their website:

Press Release for BFFF Membership

Date: 19/03/2015

Lucy Francis, Marketing Director

Containers4saleuk Ltd T: 01708 558 999

Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd – Proud to Be a Part of the British Frozen Food Federation!

A Warm welcome to the BFFF: Containers 4 Sale UK is a leading supplier of Shipping, Storage and Temperature Controlled Containers and offer our services nationwide. We supply containers for sale or for rent, whichever suits the customer’s specific requirement and we arrange delivery and off-loading to your premises anywhere in the UK. Containers 4 Sale UK’s experienced sales team have a comprehensive knowledge of temperature controlled containers, gained working in the container industry for many decades.

Containers 4 Sale UK Are proud to announce we are officially members of The British Frozen Foods Federation! We met at the IFE Food & Drink Exhibition in March and were happy to sign up to such a great federation!

The British Frozen Food Federation: BFFF are the UK’s frozen food trade association, with over 300 members comprising Producers, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Brokers, Retailers and related Associate businesses.

Membership provides an excellent opportunity for frozen food companies and associates to gain awareness at both commercial and legislative levels and also to understand how BFFF is promoting the industry.

The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) has a unique and substantial membership covering the entire cold chain from large companies to SMEs, which increases its influence with Government and outside agencies. Membership services are offered impartially to each individual member company .


About Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd: Containers 4 Sale UK are well established within the container rental industry.  Having supplied containers temperature Controlled Containers to the food industry and major supermarket chains we and offer our services nationwide.


For further information please visit or call 01708 558999

Operating in a man’s world

Leigh-Ann Bath

A Havering-based container sales and hire company which is unusually staffed mainly by women is enjoying a boom in business.
Leigh-Ann Bath is owner and managing director of Containers4saleUK, which has its HQ at the CEME innovation centre in Rainham.

Her team operates a modern eco-friendly container sales and hire fleet business from sites throughout the UK. Leigh-Ann, who lives locally, said: “After working for many years for a global container leasing company, and witnessing many rounds of redundancies, I decided it was time to take control of my own destiny.

“This business was set up four years ago at the start of the current economic problems and we are enjoying a healthy growth year-onyear. We specialise in all types of storage solutions including
temperature-controlled refrigerated containers for hire within the food industry.

“We have a very diverse customer base ranging from local builders storing their tools to pharmaceutical companies storing vaccines, and major supermarket chains. “This is a strongly
male-dominated industry with very few women. I believe this is the only temperature controlled hire fleet operated by a prominently female workforce.”

Leigh-Ann, who is married with a teenage son, had left her former employers at the same time as Lynda Smallwood, who is the company secretary for Containers4saleUK.
She said: “She and I have worked extremely hard throughout these troubled times and thank our customers and supply network without whose support and loyalty our business wouldn’t be where it is today.”

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