May 24, 2019

Shipping container retail area in Felixstowe

Shipping containers are becoming more and more popular for various creative, diverse and unique projects across the world including shopping outlets, coffee shops, office spaces and more. Many councils and local authorities are using them also as housing projects and have been successful. The shipping container is certainly a lot more than just a metal box to store products; the container is becoming a product set to change the way businesses utilise space and find new ways to explore creativity.

One great example of this is Manning Amusements in Felixstowe. For years their amusements had been a seaside tourist attraction offering traditional facilities such as fairground rides and but decided to modernise the attraction as the popularity of the traditional attractions has been declining. The amusements will now make way for a modern retail area that will have street food an eateries, boutiques and independent shops, small business and leisure facilities and all being made out of shipping containers.

The owner, Charles Manning said, ‘”The idea is to get the first phase ready for the summer of 2020 and phase two a year later. “We will be working with other people who want to grow or start businesses, and the development will create employment and attract more visitors to this part of Felixstowe seafront.”

The introduction of the retail area in Felixstowe by Manning amusements show us just how the shipping container can be used for new and creative projects and that the container can be used for a lot more than just storing products. For more information please click here.

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