April 28, 2016

The shipping container turns 60!

Happy birthday to the shipping container

Hip Hip Hooray!! Happy birthday to the shipping container. It has been 60 years since the container that changed the world was first invented by pioneering innovator Malcolm McLean. McLean’s invention has paved the way for greater transportation of goods, better shipping and an advancement for storage goods around the world . Shipping containers have become a part of our everyday lives, even without us realising it, and are vital to our economy. It is hard to think that only 60 years ago before the 1950’s the shipping container different even exist – but it didn’t!

Malcolm McLean was born November 1913 in North Carolina, USA with his family having a background in trucking. His brother and sister, Jim and Clara, founded McLean Trucking Co and Malcolm became one of the drivers for the company. The idea of using ships and transporting goods via trucks and containers was around in the 1920’s but Malcolm wanted to make it commercial. By 1953 Malcolm had come up with a plan to transport the companies trucks from on side the USA’s east coast to another via ships. Eventually by 1956 the shipping container was born and has been used commercially worldwide ever since. Drive past any port and you will see Malcolm’s invention in practise and look over the at the ocean and the chances are you will see a container ship loaded with shipping containers. There are many variations of shipping containers including 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers including various shipping lines, colours and specifications. Thank you Malcolm Mclean for your incredible invention of the shipping container.

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